Mohammed Buisier, the former political advisor to renegade General Khalifa Haftar, has revealed some shocking truths regarding the massacre that was unearthed in the Abyar region of eastern Libya on October 26.

Buisier, who gave a television interview to Jordan-based Libya Channel, stated that there is no ambiguity on the matter of the massacre and that circumstances surrounding the atrocity are quite clear.

He pointed out that the area where the mass grave was located is inhabited and under the control of two local families known as staunch supporters of Haftar`s Dignity Operation.

“There are checkpoints and police patrols situated on the roads leading to the mass grave site, run by youth from the region”. He indicated, adding that those people saw everything and narrated the story in details.

Buisier stated that he is living thousands of kilometers away from the incident yet heard detailed accounts of what occurred, adding that it is not logical to determine that Khalifa Haftar`s army was unaware of the culprits at a distance of fifteen kilometers.

Some of the key points of information regarding the incident which were given by Buisier and the local youth is that a group of cars carrying the prisoners were followed by white four-wheel drive military vehicles to the location, then a few minutes later the sound of gunfire filled the air according to residents in the area.

“When residents rushed to the sound of the gunfire, they found the bodies littering the ground, dumped and bound with shots to the head”. He said.

Buisier concluded by stating that local residents know the truth and there is no doubt that army units were responsible for the massacre.