Four people from Sabratha city were killed when armed clashes erupted in the city center Monday evening, media sources reported.

The Head of Sabratha Security Department, Abdelsalam Shuwaya, said armed clashes using light weapons broke out Monday between two brigades from the city lasting till late at night.

Shuwaya added that the clashes were between some armed forces barricading in downtown Sabratha backed up by some fighters from Al-Matrad town and Zintan city on the one hand and Sabratha revolutionaries on the other hand.

It is worth noting that some of the brigades in Sabratha that are loyal to Dignity Operation have appeared recently in Sabratha after they had taken part in eradicating IS militants from the city, however, their relation with other brigades in the city is unstable as they are accused of supporting the so-called Tribes Army.