Thousands of angry protesters marched in a number of Libyan cities on Wednesday to denounce the French airstrikes that targeted Defend Benghazi Brigades and the silence of UN-installed government, headed by Fayaz Sirraj, toward them.

In Tripoli, the protesters marched in the Martyrs' Square chanting anti France and UN-installed government slogans. Similar protests were also held in Misrata, Gharyan and Zawiya. The protesters called for overthrow of Sirraj government and formation of a higher council for revolutionaries.

Senior Libya Dawn commander Salah Badi declared during Misrata protests that Libya's revolutionary fighters will return back to the scene with full force to protect the 17 February revolution.

Grand Mufti, sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani, said the French intervention is an apparent declaration of war on Libya, calling on all Libyans to denounce such a blatant intervention.

Salah Burki Brigade, one of the most powerful brigades in Tripoli, denounced the airstrikes and French intervention in Libya. It called in its official Facebook account all Libya's revolutionaries to unite against this intervention.

The airstrikes have also sparked outrage on social media. Many activists have changed their profile pictures to anti France images to express their anger. "Go to hell France" was written in these images.