The United Arab Emirates is playing a dirty role to fuel the Libyan crisis; a leaked Google hangout posted Monday in some Arab news websites has shown.

The alleged chat between the UAE minister of foreign affairs Abdullah bin Zayed and Noureddin Abu Shaiha, the personal secretary of National Alliance Forces chief Mahmoud Jibreel reveals the mount of weaponry the UAE is sending to Khalifa Haftar's forces in eastern Libya.

Abu Shaiha confirmed to bin Zayed the arrival of 77 armoured vehicles to Tobruk. He asked him to send ammunition and bin Zayed promised to do so. Abu Shaiha also assured him that Haftar's army is now controlling 95 % of Benghazi.

Referring to the Libyan political dialogue, Abu Shaiha said he had contacted Moain Sharim, the head of political office of UNSMIL, and talked about the UAE offer to Leon to head the diplomatic academy.

"Leon is asking about the salary and residence," Abu Shaiha told bin Zayad.

 The chat, dates back to June 11, 2015, also shows that the Prime Minister-designate Fayaz Al-Sarraj was picked by the UAE.

"Did you tell Moain that Al-Sarraj must be appointed as the prime minister?" Bin Zayad asks.

"Yes, I did." Abu Shaiha replies.

Regarding the UAE spy Yousif Wilayati, who was arrested in Tripoli this month, bin Zayad told Abu Shaiha that Wilayati will travel to Tripoli for a mission, and asked him to coordinate with him, via Viber only, to carry out his tasks successfully.