Members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), who are meeting in Ghadames city, have announced that the full-quorum session is delayed and will be held on December 21 after failing to convene Tuesday to elect a new presidency.

On Monday, the HoR members held a consultative meeting agreeing to convene a full-quorum session Tuesday in Ghadames but disputes, mainly on electing a new presidency, got in the way.

Sources close to the meeting said some of the east-based HoR members rejected electing a new Speaker to replace Aqila Saleh and threatened to boycott the session and leave Ghadames, as agreements among the members later led to the notion of inviting the members of the office of HoR presidency to attend the full-quorum session on December 21 in Ghadames.

The members issued a statement following the failed session, announcing the new date for the meeting in Ghadames, saying they will discuss in the session electing new presidency, amending the internal laws and making each presidency term last only six months, saying the delay Tuesday would allow other members to join.

"Electing parliamentary committees, forming temporary technical committees and discussing the proposed amendments would be in a second session in Ghadames on December 22." The statement reads.