The meeting held by former regime followers in Atwailah region in western Libya is a declaration of war, the General Staff of Libyan Army said on Sunday.

In a press statement, Chief of Staff Jadallah Al-Obiedi, confirmed that the outcome of the pro-Gaddafi meeting proves the strong links between Khalifa Haftar's forces and the former regime supporters.

"The organizers and attendees of the meeting are outlaws and as well constitute a challenge to all Libyans, a threat to the state, an invitation to rift between western Libya areas, and an attempt to eliminate the 17th February revolution." The statement noted.

 Al-Obiedi said his forces would fight the Tribes Army and would strike with an iron fist all those who attempt to undermine Libya’s security and stability.

The supporters of the ex-Gaddafi regime held a meeting on Saturday to call for what they called liberation of Libya. The meeting was organized and protected by the so-called Tribes Army, which is one of the armed wings of Dignity Operation in western Libya.

Participants in the meeting chanted slogans glorifying the former regime and denouncing the February 17 revolution.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense in the Salvation Government warned the Tribes Army militants in western Libya against destabilizing the security and stability of the region.
The ministry called the militants to hand in their weapons so as to be covered by the amnesty general rule.

The GNC Committee of Defense and Security also held the organizers of the meeting responsible for the bloodshed between Libyans.