Sabratha Military Council-led forces have taken full control of Al-Ajilat city and Atawailah  district, chief of the council Taher Al-Gharabli confirmed today.

Heavy clashes against the Tribes Army erupted Tuesday when the army launched a surprise attack on Al-Ajilat to take the city.

The Tribes Army is now stationed in Al-Jumail city.

On Friday, Gaddafi loyalists met in Atawailah district and called for the return of ex-Jamahiriya system of Gaddafi. The meeting was organized and protected by the Tribes Army.

Commander of the army Omer Tantoush, a senior aide to Gaddafi who was set free by Zintan, promised to liberate Libya from what he described as terrorists and followers of western countries.

Tantoush admitted in a TV statement that his army operates under rogue General Khalifa Haftar's army.