An armed group loyal to former dictator Gaddafi has threatened to cut off water supply to Tripoli from the man-made river water wells in the south if a detained green militiaman was not released from his Tripoli prison.

In a video posted on Facebook, brother of Al-Mabrouk Ehnish, who was arrested and detained by the Special Deterrence Force early this week, threatened to cut off all water supplies and shut down oil and gas fields if his brother was not released within 72 hours.

“If he was not released, we will burn down the man-made river water system, close Tripoli-Sabha road and gas pipelines,” he threatened from inside the control room of the man-made river system in Hasawna.

“Still there will be kidnapping and murder”, he further threatened.

Al-Mabrouk Ehnish is one of the leaders for the so-called "Popular Front for Liberation of Libya" that is headed by Gaddafi's henchmen who live abroad.

He was in Wirshiffana region plotting an attack on Tripoli when he was snatched by the SDF with the help of local fighters from Wirshiffana who oppose attacking the capital from their lands.