The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said, on Sunday, that it is facing difficulties beyond its control that prevents raising production capacity to the maximum extent, which negatively affected production rates in light of the expected rise in consumption, stressing that it is sparing no effort to provide the increasing energy demand.

The company indicated that among those difficulties was the first steam unit at the Gulf Station that is temporarily out of service due to the lack of fuel because of the bad weather that impeded the arrival of the fuel tanker destined for the Gulf Station.

The same reason applies to the Al-Khums steam station, the GECOL says, attributing the cause to a decrease and fluctuation of gas pressure, which forced the company to shut down some units to avoid a breakdown.

It said it restored to increasing the hours of power cuts to find a balance between the production and the amount of energy consumed, stressing that this is applied within the narrowest time range to save energy for all its customers.

"The company and all its technical arms and crews spare no effort to work to meet the increasing demand for energy in conjunction with the frost and cold waves that the country is witnessing these days."

Several regions in Libya have recorded a noticeable increase in the load shedding hours in light of the cold temperatures most areas are experiencing, especially in the coastal part of the country.