The General Electricity Company announced on Saturday a sharp decrease in the stock of light fuel feeding a number of power stations, as a result of suspension of these supplies from the main source.

In a brief statement, it indicated that this decline will lead to a reduction in production capacities of a number of power stations, which will put the electrical network in a critical condition in the face of increasing demand for electrical energy from consumers.

While the company did not announce the reason for the decrease in fuel supplies; observers attributed it to the closure of the roads leading to the Zawiya refinery by an armed tribal group in protest against what they described as the government's negligence of their repeated demands to assign a search and rescue team for a member of their tribe who disappeared at sea a few days ago.

While other parties accused the management of the National Oil Corporation and the Ministry of Oil and Gas, which - according to them - transferred a quantity of light fuel used by the electricity company; for export abroad.