The General Assembly of National Association of Municipalities has convened its first meeting in the presence of 26 municipalities from across Libya.

The meeting took place Thursday at Gharyan municipality building. Where discussion of the short-term plans for the association were conducted.

Mayors and municipal members both accentuated, during the meeting, how crucial it is to cooperate among one another and the necessity for one legal body to assume this task amid the current Libyan status quo.

Five persons were appointed to communicate with the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council so that they both lay down a mechanism to receive the financial allocation assigned for emergency budget and to underscore the priorities of the municipalities.

The attendees agreed that a second meeting is going to take place on November 19 at Tripoli Municipality headquarters to pick the members of the General Assembly of the National Association of Municipalities and to form a committee that can help reopen the coastal road.

They also agreed that the would-be elected committee will discuss the proposal of Zliten Municipality to look for funding sources and development projects within the municipalities as well as to look into the new membership applications.

The final statement of the meeting condemned the abduction of Traghan mayor, Mohammed Bakouri, and all of the other kidnappings that the civilians had suffered across the country, urging the authorities to take up responsibility and end that suffering on all levels in the daily lives of Libyans.