The consultations among key Libyan stakeholders that took place in Montreux in Switzerland under the auspices of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and in the presence of UNSMIL between 7-9 September have ended in agreement on a road map for a comprehensive solution to the conflict.

The participants said the preliminary phase for a comprehensive solution to the Libyan crisis will be a deadline after which elections should be held in at least 18 months from now based on a constitutional foundation.

These consultations were organized following the August 21 parallel ceasefire declarations of President of the Presidency Council Fayez Al-Sirraj and Speaker of the House of Representatives Aqila Saleh and provide a basis for all responsible Libyan stakeholders to forge the way forward.  

 "We note the consensual view of the participants in the Montreux consultations that Presidential and Parliamentary elections must be held at the end of an 18-month period on the basis of an agreed constitutional framework.  This period would be initiated by the reformation of the Presidency Council, the establishment of a representative unity government dedicated to providing services and creating the necessary conditions for the holding of national elections, including implementing the Parliament-approved Amnesty Law and facilitating the return of displaced persons and those in the diaspora as a necessary step for much-needed national  reconciliation." The statement of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue said.

The participants proposed moving key government functions and offices, such as the executive and the House of Representatives, on a temporary basis, to Sirt, following the implementation of the appropriate security and logistical arrangements.