Germany announces 3M€ to support Libya's elections

Germany announces 3M€ to support Libya's elections

December 14, 2021 - 11:15
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

German Ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht, has renewed his country's support and the international community for the upcoming elections in Libya, calling on the High National Commission (HNEC) to continue its work with the same momentum.

The German ambassador made his remarks during a meeting with the HNEC head Emad As-Sayeh in Tripoli on Monday, in which he got an insight into the course of work of the commission.

The two sides also discussed the developments of the electoral process, the political scene in general, and its impact on the elections.

Germany had announced Monday that it would provide three million euros in aid to support the elections in Libya.

"Germany increases its contribution to UNDPLibya's "Promoting Elections for the People of Libya" program by 3M€. This will help UNDP to continue its support to Libya's HNEC in preparing and conducting elections for all Libyans," a tweet published on the German ambassador's account said Monday