The Ghadames Municipal Council has confirmed that work has resumed for repairing the Nalut- Sinawin Rd after years of disruption.

The Mayor of Ghadames Municipal Council Qasim Al-Mani explained in statements to the Libya Observer on Wednesday that the road is part of a larger project -"Nalut-Ghadames"- that was undertaken by a Croatian firm.

"The current stage will target about 45 km of the entire route, as it is an essential crossing part used by travelers. Some are ill people who have to make the journey to major hospitals," the mayor added.

Al-Mani indicated that the council had reached out to the Ministry of Transport and all concerned parties, including the Audit Bureau and the Roads Authority at the Ministry of Transport, noting that those efforts have led to an agreement with two local companies to take over the project and complete the job.

Ghadames mayor called for expediting the funding procedures, expressing concern that work might come to a halt again if the companies do not receive the sums due.

The Nalut Sinawin Rd connects the municipalities of Darj, Nalut, Ghadames and, Sinawin, with a distance of more than 200 km.

Maintenance work began back in 2011 upon the overthrow of the former regime, but the turmoil the country is experiencing has hindered the completion of the project.