"A vote of no confidence has been issued against Mayor Yacoup Duwai for carrying out some administrative violations," a statement by Ghadames Municipality said on Monday.

The spokesperson of the Municipality, Nour Eddeen Al-Thani, said the mayor was dismissed from his post in line with article (59) of the municipality laws. He added that the oldest member, Abderrazzak Aumar, was selected as a mayor until a new one is elected.

Ghadames News newspaper reported on the reasons behind the dismissal of the mayor saying that it came after a meeting of the municipality with the Shura Council and local revolutionaries and activists, who all outlined the external political participation of the municipality and its stand from some political issues.

“The mayor adopted some political decisions in the name of Ghadames city as a whole and sent messages under its name as well without informing the municipality members, which led to his dismissal.” The newspaper added.

The sacked mayor Yacoup Duwai is one of the 24 mayors who signed the Skhirat agreement on December 17, 2015, in Morocco.

The Municipal Election Commission approved Ghadames Municipality elections in May 2014 with Yacoup as the Mayor since June of the same year.