A three-year old girl has died after being stung by a scorpion, in Tahala, north of Ghat, south west of the country.

 Tahala Health Center, stated that the girl was transferred to Ghat General Hospital in a critical condition, before she was transferred to several other health centers due to lack of doctors and unpreparedness of intensive care units.

The girl arrived 5 hours later at the Owainat health center, where the medical team resuscitated her with an intravenous catheter in the neck and gave her the necessary treatments. She remained under observation for 3 hours, the center explained.

The girl was transferred to Ubari General Hospital, and due to the lack of doctors and the lack of readiness of the care unit as well, she was transferred again to Sabha Medical Center where she died, it added.

The center pointed out that this girl is not the first and will not be the last, if a radical solution is not developed, calling on the Ministry of Health and local and international organizations to develop effective solutions to the deteriorating health conditions in southern Libya.