The Head of the Media Office of the Third Force, Mohammed Gliwan said the Third Force had informed all of the official authorities at the UN-proposed government about the need to support and secure the checkpoints and military bases in the south, but all efforts had gone in vain.

“Therefore, I resign from the Third Force in protest of the lack of support by the UN-proposed government.” Gliwan remarked. 
 He added, in a TV interview, that “the army” is a big lie told by Haftar and that the force that is led by Mohammed Ben Nayel is a group of civilians, who have no military links whatsoever.

“Despite having no support by the Presidential Council since it has come to power, the Third Force has exerted lots of efforts to secure the south, which will be in a tremendous security vacuum without the Third Force.

“But the Third Force will never leave even if the fighters got killed trying to secure the south.” Gliwan indicated.

He added that the Third Force has no warplanes and no other needed equipment to patrol the southern region, adding that the force’s fighters are not receiving their salaries, “but they are still positioned in the south and Sabha for the security of the region and the country,” he added.

The Third Force has been clashing with pro-Haftar forces led by Ben Nayel for some days after the latter had controlled Barak Al-Shatti airbase and attacked Tamnahent airbase.