The Global Health Security Index (GHS) that is approved by John Hopkins University in the US said Libya is among the countries least prepared for Coronavirus pandemic.

Libya came in the lowest rank of countries - the top are the most prepared and the average are more prepared - that are capable of undermining the pandemic of it has broken out, coming at rank 168; achieving 25.7 points, globally out of 195 countries.

Libya came in low ranks for capabilities of the state in preventing the virus and diseases from breaking out and spreading as well as in early detection of the pandemics that are of global interest.

Libya also came low in rapid response measures and the capabilities of the health system to provide healthcare for patients and personnel at the same time, let alone the weak commitment to international standards in Libya.

The report indicated that no country in the world is fully prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic, saying all of them have some gaps that need to be tackled.

Libya hasn't yet registered any Coronavirus cases, according to the Libyan National Center for Disease Control, knowing that three cases are now in quarantine in eastern Libya as they are suspected to have COVID-19 symptoms, according to parallel government officials in the east.