Libya's permanent representative to the United Nations, Taher Al-Sunni, announced that the Government of National Accord (GNA) had insisted on major reforms of the UN Security Council due to the disagreements over the Libyan file.

In a press statement, Al-Sunni reiterated that the Libyan-Turkish maritime agreement is a legitimate right for the GNA to defend Libya’s sovereignty.

“We would continue to strategize with any nation or entity it deemed beneficial to the Libyan nation without interference,” he said, making a clear note of propriety in any such agreements.

He also indicated that Haftar was not in control of the Islamic ideological entities including the Salafi groups in the eastern region. He remarked that evidence for this is directly linked to the kidnapping of a Libyan psychologist Seham Sarqiwa, who was elected to the parliament in 2014. She was abducted by militia pledging loyalty to Haftar on July 17, 2019, not to mention many other unlawful executions committed on the battlefield.