The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation under the command of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) has published photos for security firms' contracts that recruit Syrian mercenaries to fight for Khalifa Haftar's forces in Libya.

The documents and photos published Tuesday, showed photocopies of the contracts between security firms and Syrian fighters who receive 200 dollars a month and 10 dollars for every military operation they get involved in.

The mercenaries get also raises by 20 dollars as the second and third months of their contracts comes, according to the documents, which also show photos of Syrian mercenaries from As Suwayda cotu before they take off from Hmeimim airbase in Syria to UAE's Al-Khadim airbase near Al-Marj in eastern Libya.

Many sources and reports have confirmed earlier that Russia had recruited Syrian fighters to work as mercenaries in the fighting of Haftar's forces and Wagner Group mercenaries against GNA forces in Tripoli, with UN reports pointing to Cham Wings Airliner flights as part of an air bridge between Benghazi and Damascus bringing in Syrian fighters.

Apart from Syrian and Russian mercenaries, who alone amount to about 3000, Haftar's forces rely also on African mercenaries from Sudan's Janjaweed and Chadian rebel groups, all coupled with UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt and Jordan's support.