The General National Congress voted on Tuesday in favor of a new mini-government proposed by Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel.

Al-Ghawiel reshuffled his cabinet to include only 12 ministers and one deputy minister for each ministry, that aims to better address the ongoing crises in the country.

The new government includes:

Khalifa Al-Ghawiel, Prime Minister

Abdul-Monem Addali, Deputy Prime Minister

Abdul-Latif Gaddor, Interior Minister

Mustafa Al-Ghalaib, Justice Minister 

Ali Abu Zakok, Foreign Minister

Abdul-Latif Al-Tunisi, Planning Minister

Al-Taher Al-Sanousi, Health Minister

Khalifa Al-Sarwi, Education Minister

Saleh Al-Fakhari, Higher Education Minister

Nasir Saleh, Finance Minister

Mohaned Younis, Local Government Minister

Hisham Belhaj, Public Works Minister

Muftah Al-Faqih, Economy Minister.


PM Al-Ghawiel will also act as a defense minister in the new cabinet, which also includes a state minister for GNC affairs.

Other ministries have been transformed into general authorities as following:

1- The General Authority for Labour and Rehabilitation

2- The General Authority for Martyrs' Families and Missing Persons

3- The General Authority for Sports and Youth

4- The General Authority for Tourism

5- The General Authority for Industry

6- The General Authority for Communication

7- The General Authority for Housing

8- The General Authority for Agriculture and Marine and Animals Wealth

9- The General Authority for Water Resources

10- The General Authority for Transport.

The National Oil Corporation will take over the tasks of the Oil and Gas Ministry while the General Electricity Company will assume the duties of the Electricity Ministry.