GNC condemns Al-Sisi’s call for military intervention in Libya

GNC condemns Al-Sisi’s call for military intervention in Libya

April 20, 2016 - 09:49
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Political Committee of the General National Congress has condemned as irresponsible the statement of the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in which he encouraged the international community to intervene in Libya under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The committee denounced Tuesday the obvious go-ahead given by Al-Sisi for a military action in Libya during a press conference with the French President, Francois Hollande in Cairo on Sunday, pointing out that Libyans are capable of protecting their homeland.

The committee also reiterated its call on the international community to put an end to the Egyptian intervention in Libya and also to Egypt’s escalation policy toward the ongoing conflict in Libya and its support for Khalifa Haftar, which the statement described as coup leader.

Last week, Al-Sisi hinted at the possibility of occupying Libya in retaliation for the Egyptian Copts who were killed in Sirte, though he turned a blind eye to Sinai where several Egyptian soldiers and policemen are being killed by ISIS.