GNC First Deputy Presidnet Awad Abdul-Sadiq called on Sunday the world countries to support the new initiative being exerted by the GNC and HoR to solve the political crisis in Libya.

Speaking at a joint press conference with HoR member Ibrahim Amish in Tunis, Awad said the new declaration of principles is a process in the right direction to achieve a political solution to the crisis, urging all Libyans to support it.

"We ask the UN, EU and Libya's neighbours to support the declaration." He said.

He added that the solution to the political crisis should be a Libyan one, confirming that both sides have an official mandate from the presidency of both parliaments to negotiate a solution.

"This political agreement would bring security to the neighbouring countries and the Mediterranean." Awad says.

"It's a historic chance that is very hard to come about again." He adds.

GNC First Deputy President Awad Abdul-Sadiq and HoR member Ibrahim Amish signed late on Saturday a declaration of principles to end the political conflict in the country.

Both sides agreed to set up a joint committee of 10 (5+5) to select a government of unity made up of a prime minister and two deputies, one represents the GNC and another represents the HoR.

The declaration of principles would be submitted to both parliaments for approval before it enters into force.