The General National Congress has sent a letter Wednesday to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, to draw their attention to a number of points approved by the UNSMIL political agreement draft signed in Skhirat, Morocco.

The letter, sent by the First Deputy President of the GNC and Head of dialogue team, Awad Abdul-Sadiq, stated that the GNC stands in full respect for the UNSC resolution (2259) that was adopted on December 22 and considers it a vital step toward establishing peace and security in Libya.

Abdul-Sadiq clarified that the constitutional declaration must be amended first before meetings of the Supreme State Council take place, as stated in the draft agreement.

“Item (19) from the draft agreement says the Supreme State Council practices its duties according to the amended constitutional declaration, so to hold its meeting before the precondition is met is a violation to the draft’s items and renders all of the procedures invalid and illegal.” The letter continues, adding that the GNC will send a list of the names that have valid GNC membership after the amendments to the constitutional declaration are done.

He also confirmed the GNC's support to security arrangements of the Libyan dialogue, and commitment of the GNC to secure a safe environment in Tripoli for a concord government that meets both rival parties' approval first.

He also stressed in his letter that the GNC is committed politically to reach a real accord agreement based on constitutional principles, and the GNC has not signed or approved any agreement until now.

"Those who signed the Skhirat agreement were not appointed by the GNC. The only members appointed officially to sign any agreement are the dialogue team ones headed by the First Deputy President of the GNC, knowing that there is no majority consensus on approving the signed draft, as claimed by others." The letters concludes.