The Head of GNC dialogue team, Saleh Al-Makhzoum, said on Sunday that amendments on the fourth UNSMIL draft will be taken to Libya for consultations with the GNC members.

Speaking in a press conference following the reception of the amended fourth draft in Skhirat, Morocco, he indicated that "the GNC wants an agreement that cannot be appealed in future," pointing out that the team is going to come back to Morocco next Thursday.

The GNC's dialogue team advisor, Ashraf Al-sheh, clarified that the signing of the UNSMIL’s draft was put off due to GNC observations on three key amended articles in the fourth draft in addition to the GNC’s call for amendments to the new draft regarding how to draw confidence from the unity government and the Supreme State Council.

“The first article that was amended in the fourth draft is related to the formation of a national unity government. The fourth draft has previously given authority for both parties to withdraw confidence from the government, however, to the GNC’s surprise, the new amended draft left this authority in Tobruk parliament’s hands only.” He clarified.

He added that the second amended article, which the GNC rejects, is related to the constitutional declaration and the Supreme Court ruling. The amended draft gives Tobruk parliament full legitimacy by cancelling the court ruling.

"The third article is connected with the know-how of forming the Supreme State Council, which has remained mysterious up to now." He added.