Member of the GNC’s Legal Committee, Mahmoud Al-Gharyani said Sunday that initializing the draft in Shirat, Morocco is a violation of the negotiation principles, adding that the signing mechanism must be unanimous not unilateral.

Al-Gharyani indicated that the draft was initialized by the dissolved parliament only and that the rest of the parties invited by the UN on no solid grounds, which is at odds with democracy and equality of rights.

He also clarified that the signing of one party does not end the conflict or solve the crisis, which can not be narrowed down to the dissolved parliament only because it must include all parties too, pointing that the GNC was not invited to discuss its proposed modifications, knowing that it had never been absent from the dialogue before.    

“The problem is not in the absence of the GNc, but in the loose seriousness of dealing with the GNC’s amendments to the draft, which were ignored by Bernardino Leon.” Al-Gharyani concluded.