The Political Committee of GNC has criticized Chief of UN Mission in Libya Bernardino Leon's conduct in the dialogue, accusing him of double-dealing.

In a press conference on Sunday, the committee said Leon was about to trigger a devastating civil war in Libya for mishandling the Libyan situation and being in favor of one party over the other.

"He offered positions for military and security leaders which is a violation of Libya's sovereignty." It says.

The Committee hinted that the proposed unity government could be refused due to Leon's misconduct, saying Leon has failed in managing the dialogue.

"Leon refused to include GNC amendments, but on the other hand, he amended the draft himself." The Committee noted.

It admitted that pressure is being exerted on the GNC to sign the agreement.

"The current UNSMIL draft is unbalanced and it does not exclude coup plotters while it includes Khalifa Haftar." It adds.

The Committee, though, confirmed that the dialogue is the only way out of Libya's crisis, reiterating support to UN resolution 2014-2174.