The Political Committee of GNC proposed on Tuesday a roadmap to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the country.

Committee member Abdul-Gader Hawaili said the new roadmap includes the formation of a new interim parliament made up of 100 members from the GNC and 100 others from the eastern region. 

"The eastern members should be approved by the tribes and municipal councils." He proposed.

He added that the proposed parliament would act according to the constitutional declaration until new parliamentary elections take place

According to the roadmap, a committee from within the parliament would be formed to monitor the Central Bank of Libya and reorganize the army that should be established on individual basis. The army would undertake the responsibility of bringing peace and stability to the country in addition to fighting terrorism.

The roadmap also proposes the formation of a national government of 12 portfolios; namely oil, defense, interior and immigration, foreign affairs, health, economy, education, the martyrs, finance, energy and electricity, local government, awqaf and Islamic affairs.