The Gnenral National Congress has called for reformation of the UN-proposed government, saying that it has become a rival and part of the conflict that is gasping for toppling the other rivals by using its entry to Tripoli as a Fait accompli.

The GNC said, in a statement delivered by its spokesman after a session held Tuesday in its headquarters, that the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council did not even abide by the Skhirat agreement, which is supposed to be the source of its legitimacy.

“Skhirat dialogue can be a good ground for a real concord once all its parties become committed to the principles of accord and abandoned using force to impose things on others.” The spokesman added.

The GNC also rejected that some of its members had announced the formation of the State Supreme Council and sharing of the senior posts among the former dialogue team members, accusing them of racing for occupations.

It also announced that the membership in the State Supreme Council must represent all constituencies and political components who took part in the GNC elections, after accrediting the standards of choosing the members by GNC and Tobruk Parliament.

“We are still with the dialogue that brings all Libyans together and finds a very balanced solution to the crisis. Therefore, using power and force by some political parties goes at odds with the real accord.” The GNC spokesman indicated, pointing that the GNC passed a new decision that orders the Salvation Government to continue its work.