GNC Speaker informs UNSMIL about inconsistencies in dialogue policy

GNC Speaker informs UNSMIL about inconsistencies in dialogue policy

July 12, 2015 - 12:32
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Abu Sahmain letter

The Speaker of the GNC, Nuri Abu Sahmain said Saturday he was sorry that the dialogue did not continue effectively despite the efforts by the UN.

In a letter to the Head of the UNSMIL, Bernardino Leon, he pointed that the reasons seem to relate to the UNSMIL’s utilitarian and choices of picking up the participants without clear or objective standards. Thus referring to the inclusion of some out 102 Mayors, which go at odds with the equality and non-discrimination principles agreed upon among Libyans.

Abu Sahmain found it strange that Leon had repeatedly met with leaderships from the revolutionaries of the General Staff without permission from the Commander-in-Chief or the GNC’s dialogue team. He also objected to the attendance of some parties whom he thought the reason behind Libya’s crisis and whose names were proposed in Ghadames 2 and Geneva 1, but Leon promised to take them off the list, which did not happen.

“I find it irrelevant that Mr. Leon said that the dialogue had reached 99% of success, which would allow no more modifications than 1% to be added by the GNC.” He added, pinpointing that the parties specified to sign the dialogue without presence of the GNC’s team, which told the UNSMIL that it must ask for deliberation on any draft before signing it.

He underlined that Tobruk parliament said it would refuse to sign the draft until the UNSMIL approves its amendments, which was not said by the GNC, urging the UNSMIL to report to the GNC the validity of the parliament’s dialogue team and to be more critically selective of any dialogue participant in the future.

Abu Sahmain renewed the GNC’s commitment to the dialogue as a way out of Libya’s crisis saying that he does not oppose the UNSMIL’s role in bringing peace to Libya being a main part in the Libyan negotiations, underscoring that the GNC would adopt for discussion any proposal based on Libyan laws as well as the international laws and conventions.

He concluded by reiterating the GNC dialogue team’s readiness for any upcoming rounds of the dialogue supervised by the UNSMIL, so that the team can propose the essential amendments on the draft to make the dialogue successful so that a national unity government is reached to end Libya and Libya’s neighbors’ crises and help uproot terrorism in the region.