The Head of GNC Dialogue Team Dr. Awad Abdul-Sadiq flew back to Skhirat late on Wednesday with other GNC amendments that have to be included in the UNSMIL draft before GNC nominees for the unity government are announced.

Awad said in a press statement that GNC members think that certain amendments must be included first before names are given.

"The GNC is still discussing mechanisms of selecting names for the unity government and if the amendments were included in the draft, the names would be ready in 12 hours." He said.

The GNC is expected to hold another meeting Thursday to discuss mechanisms for the names of unity government.

Early this week, the GNC sent a query to the Fatwa House asking about the legitimacy of UNSMINL draft.

The Fatwa House, the top religious body in the country voiced several reservations about the draft demanding amendments to the Sharia law text, clear definition to terrorism and other items it thinks they violate Libya's sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Chief of UN Mission Bernardino Leon said he would go on with the unity government proposals confirming that the draft is final.

"We decided to go on and we will continue working on the formation of this unity government, and hopefully tomorrow we will be able to propose this government." Leon said in a press conference late on Wednesday.