The Libyan state-owned General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) has announced that it was able, through its lawyer, to cancel the registration of the Libyan tanker 'Badr' with the maritime authorities in Israel.

The company said in a statement on Friday 'It is still striving through judicial procedures to retrieve the detained tanker Badr'.

The statement explained that the 'Bulgargeomen Company' has re-registered the tanker many times, and in more than one country, the last of which was a registration certificate for the tanker issued by the Maritime Authority in Israel.

The Haifa Maritime Court ruled officially canceling the registration of the tanker Badr at the Israeli maritime registration and rejected the Livia Maritime Company’s appeal against the rule canceling the registration, and charged Livia with the litigation cost involved in favour of GNMTC.

The GNMTC pointed out that the ruling of the Haifa Maritime Court and the cancellation of the Israeli registration of the ship is valid without any suspension, and that the terms and conditions of the ship's registration have not been met.

The company indicated that the attempt to register the Libyan tanker Badr with Israel is the fourth attempt by Livia and Bulgargeomin, as both companies orchestrated the seizure of the tanker in Bulgaria.

It is to be noted that the Libyan oil tanker Badr has been impounded in the port of Burgas in Bulgaria since November 2017, based on a false security document allegedly in exchange for debts owed to a Bulgarian company by the Libyan state.