The Government of National Unity (GNU) said Sunday it is dealing with a complex issue manifested in the illegal immigration file, as it represents a human tragedy, in addition to its social, political, and legal consequences at the local and international level.

Responding to the breakout of migrants from the Ghout al-Shaal detention centre last Friday, the government said the Ministry of Interior and the relevant security services worked to redistribute large groups of those who escaped to other shelters while migrant families were set free.

It added that officials in charge of the center committed to abiding by the utmost levels of responsibility and not to use violence against the detainees.

Foreign nationalities, including immigrants, were classified into three categories based on their activities inside Libya.

Those tending to Europe are the most prominent, says the GNU, stressing that unless there is genuine and effective cooperation from the European Union, the suffering of this category continues, as "Libya will not bear the burden of not having unified visions regarding this file."

For immigrants wishing to settle in Libya and engage in the domestic labour market, the GNU confirmed that it is following up their situation and works to organize them per the plan of the Ministries of Labour and the Interior, ensuring an optimal level of responsibility to guarantee their rights and correct their legal status under the residency and labour laws in Libya.

The government renewed its tough and firm stance towards the third category that targets those engaged in criminal activities or got involved with local groups that threaten the lives of immigrants and citizens.

"We deal with this category of migrants in accordance to Libya's commitments to all international human rights covenants."

In order to protect migrants and all residents in Libya, the GNU underscored that it would continue to classify migrants according to their activities.

Libyan security forces arrested over the past week more than 4,000 migrants during an operation aimed at tackling human trafficking and smuggling activities in Tripoli, according to official statements.

But the U.N. migration agency's Libya mission accused the Libyan authorities of mishandling the overcrowding situation at the Ghot Shaal centre, which resulted in the shooting of six migrants last Friday, according to the IOM.