The Government of National Unity (GNU) is to establish a media support fund to finance media initiatives with the aim of enhancing the services provided by this sector, GNU Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs Walid Al-Lafi has confirmed.

Al-Lafi made his remarks during a visit to the headquarters of the General Authority for Monitoring Media Discourse in Tripoli Tuesday.

He said that the General Authority for Monitoring Media Discourse represents a genuine breakthrough in reorganizing the media sector, pointing out that it recently provided crucial training for young people who monitor media content.

According to Al-Lafi, the new body will follow up the content on various media outlets and provide for the first time in Libya reports about professional observations in this content that would pave the way for a media-regulating law in the future.

He referred to cooperation in this context with the Independent Media Authority in Tunisia, which he said will launch its periodic reports soon.

Regarding the media's role in monitoring the elections, Al-Lafi said the government commits to providing a safe environment for the electoral process by preparing media outlets capable of tracking any violations.