The Government of National Unity (GNU) announced that the Libyan relief team, which is participating in rescue efforts in the southern provinces of Turkey after the devastating earthquake that struck the country was able, within four days, to rescue 27 people, including children, and provided medical services to 400 injured persons, in addition to recovering 53 bodies from under the rubble.

The Emergency Medicine and Support Center announced that the Libyan team managed to save a 50-year-old Syrian woman after 151 hours under the rubble of the devastating earthquake in Hatay province, southern Turkey.

The center indicated that the team started the rescue operation on Saturday due to the difficulty of reaching the ground floors of the collapsed buildings, saying that the woman was given medical treatment at the field hospital.

The Libyan volunteers' team went to Turkey last Tuesday to assist in the rescue work, while the GNU sent shipments of humanitarian aid in support of the Turkish people. The team consists of the National Safety Authority, military medicine, support and emergency medicine, and criminal investigations.