GNU spokesman claims his government can increase Libya oil output to 3 million bpd

GNU spokesman claims his government can increase Libya oil output to 3 million bpd

July 27, 2022 - 20:29
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokesman for the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mohammed Hammouda, reaffirmed his government's readiness to invest in developing Libya's oil sector, saying their efforts can lead to increasing oil production to 3 million barrels per day (bpd).

Hammouda added in his speech at Italian Senate in Rome on Tuesday, in a conference with the slogan "New ways to stabilize the Mediterranean, a perspective from Libya",

that the GNU is working to enhance the country's stability, in addition to cooperating with the northern coast of the Mediterranean in immigration issues, Italian news agency Nova has reported.

Nova cited Hammouda as confirming that Italy is Libya's first trading partner and uses nearly 30% of the production of Libyan petroleum resources, urging Italian companies to invest in Libya, especially in renewable energy sector, referring in his speech to the French Total's construction of a 500-megawatt solar power plant.

Hammouda said that one of the necessary factors for developing Libyan oil sector is changing the chairmanship of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), pointing out that closing oil fields is a crime, and the GNU has managed to reopen wells and resume oil operations.

He also indicated that the GNU was mulling the land transport project via the desert road, which starts from the Libyan city of Qatroun through to Agadez, Niger. He added that Libya's ports can be an important gateway and corridor from Africa to Europe.

Regarding immigrants, Hammouda stressed the need to view the issue as a challenge and not a problem, explaining that Libya is a transit country not a final destination one for immigrants, adding that Italy is also in the same situation.