Tanasuh TV attack

The Department of Media and Government Communication of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of National Unity (GNU) denounced the armed attack on the headquarters of Tanasuh TV channel and the resulting material damage.

The GUN's department expressed in a statement on Saturday its solidarity with Tanasuh TV channel's employees and stressed the importance of protecting media institutions against violence.

Tanasuh TV suffered an armed attack on Saturday dawn with RPGs, leaving damage inside the channel's headquarters.

The Tajoura municipality condemned the attack on Tanasuh TV, saying it was an outlaw act of violence and a blatant attack on the channel and its employees, representing an attack on media platforms with the aim of silencing mouths and obscuring the fact.

The municipality called on the security authorities to quickly follow up on the attack and arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice, urging for "lifting the social cover on any party or individual involved in attacks on local institutions and organizations in the municipality of Tajoura."

The municipality called for standing against any verbal or armed incitement against media institutions and others within the municipality and urged all institutions to support and protect the media and free speech.

"Ya Biladi" political party also condemned the "treacherous attack on Tanasuh TV channel," declaring solidarity with the channel against those who tried to silence it, "as it represents a voice for the truth, a platform for the revolution, and a means of awareness in the country."

Ya Biladi reaffirmed “adherence to the gains of the February 17 Revolution, most notably freedom of expression and freedom of the media, and its rejection of any attempt to silence voices by any party or under any pretext.”

It called on "the relevant authorities to investigate this attack, find out its cause and who is behind it, to prosecute them so that they would be an example to everyone who dares to attack free media. It also hailed the role that the Tanasuh channel played in improving society and its effective contribution to the battle of awareness.

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