The Government of National Accord announced Thursday resumption of flights at Tripoli's Mitiga Airport and tasked the Transportation Ministry with taking the needed measures in this regard.

The government tasked the Foreign Ministry with contacting the Security Council and Berlin conference attendees to inform them of Khalifa Haftar's spokesman threats to the civilian planes at Mitiga Airport.

"Those threats constitute a war crime, so the international community should assume its responsibility toward the international conventions and laws regarding the civil aviation, airports and civilian facilities' safety." The government added.

The Ministry of Transportation suspended flights at Tripoli's Mitiga Airport on Thursday morning until a further notice after Haftar's spokesman threats to destroy military and civilian planes taking off from Mitiga Airport.

Al-Mismari said Wednesday that the no-fly zone for military and civilian planes from Gharyan to eastern Tarhouna and Tripoli shores, claiming Mitiga Airport became a taking off point for Turkish troops.