The new reshuffled Salvation Government has been officially formed and will stay in office until the Libyan parties come to terms regarding the formation of a national accord government, said the spokesperson of the government, Mohammed Ismaeil.

In a press conference Sunday, Ismaeil reviewed the stages, through which the SG had gone, starting from the government of Al-Hasi period and all the way to the current period when Prime Minister, Al-Ghweil has taken office.

“The new government will take into consideration the current circumstances in Libya especially those related to finance as we do have a lack of liquidity after the haphazard spending policies adopted by the ex-governments, particularly Ali Zaidan’s disastrous one.” Added Ismaeil.

Spokesperson Ismaeil concluded by going over the prospective tasks and services that the new reshuffled SG would take up, pointing out that security and stability as well as full support for the 17 February revolutionaries are first and foremost among many other priorities that will enhance the Libyan scene on the ground.