Libya’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani said on Wednesday the issue of Tawergha IDPs is a tragedy in every sense of the word and that the Fatwa House had paid much attention to it from the very beginning.

Speaking in his weekly program on Tanasuh TV, he indicated that banning the entire people of Tawergha from returning to their homes is great injustice, demanding the Tawerghans to hand over the criminals, who committed atrocities in Misrata in 2011, to stand trial.

“I urge Misrata people to punish the criminals only and allow others to return home,” he said.

“A team from the Fatwa House had visited the camps of Tawergha IDPs and saw the miserable life they are going through,” he added.

The Mufti revealed that the previous government of Ali Zidan had turned a deaf ear to a request to build prefabricated houses for around 1000 Tawerghan families by a local construction company.

“The manager of the construction company told me each house would cost around LYD 30.000 and he wanted a piece of land from the government to build the houses on it.” He remarked.

The Mufti disclosed that he had forwarded the offer of the construction company to then-Prime Minister Ali Zidan and his minister of housing, but they did not respond.

Tawergha has become a ghost town since 2011 after hundreds of its residents joined Gaddafi brigades in their offensive on Misrata. Heinous crimes were committed by the slain dictator’s brigades against Misratan families including killing, torture and rape.


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