The Grand Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani delivered a message on Monday to the Libyan army forces to congratulate them on Eid al-Fitr and on the victories achieved in the fronts south of Tripoli.

The Mufti addressed the current events on the ground and said "This war has revealed the true people who remained loyal to the patriotic cause and those who continue to switch sides".

He told the fighters "There is nothing more precious in this world than human life so make sure you do not give your lives away for something less than God’s pleasure and paradise".

The Mufti acknowledged the daunting challenges facing the establishment of a civilized state and sought to lift spirits of the people and the forces standing up to tyranny and the comeback of the military rule.

"You have breathed new life into the February revolution at a time it was about to die," the Mufti said, urging the fighters to remain united and resolute and not pay any heed to the huge list of enemies or the money they are pumping in to serve their agenda,".

"The aggressive forces have exhausted all means to fight us. They devoted media and money to ruin our revolution and distorted, and it is our duty to prove that the February revolution came to correct injustice, not propagate it", he remarked.

Sheikh al-Sadiq described the fighters as "the guardians of the nation", urging them to stand up for what's right despite the difficult path and not to accept a situation of inferiority.

The Mufti concluded by again calling for unity and respect for rights saying, "The February revolution was meant to establish a civil state, build institutions, protect fair elections, eradicate all forms of corruption and eliminate spoilers who constitute a threat to these principles.