Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani lashed out at UN Mission in Libya on Wednesday and said time has come to call for a change.

Speaking in his weekly Fatwa program on Tanasuh TV, he said the UNSMIL has turned a deaf ear to the victory over ISIS in Sirte despite its frequent reference to war on terror.

"The UNSMIL is cooperating with Satan, it has neglected the victory of Libyan people over ISIS, therefore, it's time to call for replacing it." He indicated.

The Grand Mufti highly hailed the victory over ISIS and urged the revolutionary fighters who took part in Sirte liberation battle to unite and disallow opportunists to exploit the victory.

Misrata-led forces declared the full liberation of Sirte from the terrorist group of ISIS on Tuesday after seven consecutive months of ferocious clashes within the city and on its outskirts.