Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani has refuted allegations of Dignity Operation media which claimed that he had called for attacking the people of Benghazi.

"I call for attacking the oppressors, I urged the revolutionaries to head to Benghazi after Sirte not for attacking people, but to attack the aggressors, to fight Haftar and his soldiers only," he clarified on Sunday during his weekly program on Tanasuh TV.

He said Gaddafi's former brigades have joined Haftar's forces to practise oppression, tyranny and injustice on people.

"More than 200.000 innocent people were displaced and more than 200 religious clerics were killed and their houses were set on fire by Haftar's forces," he indicated.

He also urged lawyers and legal institutions to file a lawsuit against Khalifa Haftar in the UAS, his second country, for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Benghazi.

Last week, Sheikh Al-Gharyani advised the revolutionary fighters to head to Benghazi after they liberate Sirte from ISIS to fight Haftar's forces.