Greek Authorities have set free the Libyan oil tanker, Al-Hani, which has been in custody for more than two years due to a lawsuit of dues filed by a lawyer against Libya, Libyan Ambassador to Greece, Ahmad Yacoup told EREM news on Saturday.

“The release of the tanker came after the Greek Supreme Court rejected the appeal made by the opponent who demanded that the tanker suspend its voyage for a week.” Explained Ambassador, Yacoup.

The Greek Supreme Court overturned the opponent’s plea as per its verdict that was delivered on November 19 letting the tanker sail out of Greece toward Malta on last Friday.

“The GSC’s verdict is a triumph for the Libyan diplomacy that could set the oil tanker free through its embassy in Greece in coordination with the Greek Foreign Ministry to avoid ushering the tanker into public auctions and ruin mutual economic and political relations of both countries.” Yacoup added.

Back in August 2013, the Greek authorities detained the oil tanker Al-Hani as a result of a lawsuit filed by a Greek lawyer in the Greek courthouse claiming that Libya owes him 6.5 million euros,

Al-Hani is the largest oil tanker owned by the National General Company for Maritime Transport with a capacity of more than 800 thousand barrels.