The Head of the main Greek opposition SYRIZA party Alexis Tsipras has criticized Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias for his handling of the Greek-Libyan relations after the latter canceled a visit to Tripoli right after his plane had landed at the local airport.

"The shameful and unacceptable image presented by FM Dendias, through his challenge to the Government of National Unity (GNU), unfortunately, testifies to the weak international image of Greece and its foreign policy," Tsipras said.

The former Greek PM added that his country's foreign policy lacks planning on such an important trip, indicating that the issue is not just related to the "unacceptable incident" of FM Dendias in Tripoli but also through the contradictions in the Greek government's strategy.

In this context, he recalled the Greek Prime Minister's call on the United States to facilitate talks between Greece and Libya's GNU in Tripoli, while at the same time, his FM Dendias says he does not recognize the Tripoli-based government.

Moreover, "Dendias himself said that Libya's GNU cannot, according to United Nations resolutions, conclude agreements such as the one it signed with Turkey, but when asked whether Greece recognized that government in Libya, he did not respond."

The former Greek premier went on to warn that Turkey and Libya are heading to signing more deals, while Greece continues to be excluded by its partners from the international talks on Libya.

The total absence of coordination between the Greek prime minister and his foreign ministry, and the lack of a national strategy for the eastern Mediterranean, has increasingly come at the expense of the nation's interests, Greece’s former ruling party head stated.