A group of Misrata residents have praised all efforts directed towards achieving national reconciliation at a meeting held on Tuesday in Misrata.

In a statement issued following their meeting, the participants held the Presidential Council, the High Council of State and Misrata Municipal Council responsible for the events that coincided with the attempt of the Tawerghan IDPs to return to their town, noting that the return process must be in accordance with the provisions of Sharia, law and custom.

The group issued preconditions for the safe return of Tawergha IDPs. They called on the people of Tawergha to recognize the 17 February Revolution, and its sacrifices and martyrs, and to make their recognition publicly through the media.

They insisted that Tawergha must acknowledge what they said "its crimes against Misrata” during the February Revolution and make a full apology for its past aggression.

In addition, they demanded the handover of all the wanted persons who fought with the former Gaddafi forces and committed crimes against Misrata.

They further noted that the return in this absurd way would conceal the features of the graves that contain the remains of many of the martyrs and missing people.

The group underlined that the return of the people of Tawergha must be in conjunction with the return of the displaced people of Benghazi, Kikla and Mashashiaya, and with lifting the siege on Derna, pointing out that Tawergha should stay a municipal branch of Misrata and affiliated to Misrata Security Directorate as it was before.