A group of members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have expressed their rejection of the regional and geography quota system to select sovereign positions' occupants.

Around 24 members signed a statement in which they stressed the need to adhere to the competence, integrity and professionalism standards when selecting the occupants of senior positions.

"The quota agreed upon by members of the dialogue committees of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State in Bouznika, Morocco, is a breach of the right to equality," the MPs said in a statement Monday.

They underscored that such an approach would weaken the sovereign institutions and diminish their performance, as the occupants will be subject to the principle of regionalism and not the law.

The MPs indicated that the dialogue committees of the HoR and the HCS were not authorized to sign any agreements or complete any understandings, but their task is limited to submitting proposals to present them to their respective chambers, the statement added.

The group insisted that the HCS is a consultative authority that does not have the right to enact laws and provisions that are supra-constitutional, considering the Bouznika meetings as a mere dialogue that does not bind the HoR by any agreement or understanding.

In the same context, about 40 members of the HCS affirmed Monday their rejection of the Libya Political Dialogue Forum regarding the regional quota approach in selecting sovereign positions' occupants.

The group of HCS explained that the interlocutors in Bouznika were solely appointed to reach a common vision but not to sign or vote on any decisions without referring back to their councils.