Zuwara Municipal Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the security situation in the city under the chairmanship of Mayor Hafez bin Sassi, in the presence of the municipal council member Issam Al-Hamisi, and directors of the security, police, and military agencies in the city.

"The Municipal Council called for the meeting on the backdrop of the escalation of criminal activities in the city.. unfortunaly most of these violations are committed by migrants and foriegners who are residng the city illegally," the meadia office of the Zuwara Municpla Council told The Libya Observer.

According to the source, the violations included assaults, harassment, and armed robbery, underlining that the irregular situation of this category in the city is in itself a legal breach that requires action and solutions.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Zuwara stressed that the city's security is, above all, calling on concerned bodies to intensify efforts to establish the rule of law and improve protection for citizens and property.

The participants agreed on an urgent plan involving all security services in the municipality headed by the director of the Zuwara Security Directorate and to convene monthly meetings to follow up on the developments.

It may be important to note that the coastal city of Zuwara is one of the main transit points for migrants attempting to cross to European shores.

Since the beginning of 2021, a total of 11,891 illegal immigrants were rescued and returned to Libya, while 381 migrants died and 597 went missing on the Central Mediterranean route during the same period, according to the IOM.