Unidentified gunmen assassinated the pro-Haftar Al-Saiqa Force senior leader, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, in Benghazi Wednesday afternoon near Al-Arab Medical University by opening fire on his car.

The spokesman for Al-Saiqa Force, Miloud Al-Zway, confirmed the assassination news on his Facebook page. No official statement was made by pro-Haftar military departments so far.

After the killing of the killer who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), tensions increased and gunshots were heard in Benghazi as many armed vehicles of forces loyal to Haftar were seen on roads in what appeared to be an attempt to hinder any retaliatory acts by fighters linked to Al-Werfalli.

Recently, tribal gunmen, especially Al-Awaqir tribespeople, have been exchanging accusations and tensions arose among them as they rejected Al-Werfalli's latest movements, particularly raiding a Toyota showroom in Benghazi.

ICC issued two arrest warrants of Al-Werfalli for crimes against humanity and war crimes in six occasions, including killing 33 people. He was sanctioned by the European Union and US Treasury for human rights violations in Libya.