Pro-Khalifa Haftar gunmen, locally known as Sahawat (awakening), attacked on Sunday the Criminal Investigations Department in Bohdimah district of Benghazi in retaliation for the killing of one of their fellow militants.

Reports from the city said Bohdimah Sahawat ransacked the CID building, and set two military vehicles on fire after CID personnel killed one of their militants in a checkpoint late at night.

"A gunman refused orders to stop at a security checkpoint set up by the CID, so the guards opened fire at his car leaving him dead," the reports added.

Several local fighters "Sahawat" have joined Dignity Operation in its ongoing war in Benghazi.

Experts say the Sahawat fighters are difficult to control because they think they are above the law and they only obey the orders of their militia leaders.

Meanwhile, heavy fighting is still raging around several areas of the city including Al-Sabri, Al-Talaiha, Bu Atni and Al-Hawari.